Amorality and Animals

Animals, in a general sense, are amoral, meaning, they are neither moral nor immoral. They do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and basically, they do not know that anything they do is even categorized as such. Animals act solely on their instincts and their primitive ways of conduct.continue reading

Do Morality and Politics Go Together?

Morality, the principles governing what is considered right and what is not, is often associated with who enforces it and his or her rights to impose it on other people. The dilemma that society faces today is the unclear sense of who to look up to as moral authorities. Coincidentally, there has been a rathercontinue reading

Famous Philosophers Quotes That Still Apply Today

The Greek Philosophers Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Much of the suffering that human beings experience can be linked to the thoughts that they think. A behavioral tic becomes a habit, so when we think thoughts of excellence or success regularly, it’s obvious wecontinue reading

Famous Philosophers’ Surprising Hobbies


You might already be familiar with Socrates’ systems of logic and philosophy, with Descartes’ musings on geometry, and with Mary Wollstonecraft’s early feminism, but what about the things these famous philosophers got up to in their leisure time?

continue reading

Are Business Ethics Necessary?

Did you know that over half of business managers conduct themselves unethically on the job? Even though figures have declined, around half of employees see misconduct at their jobs. Business ethics is an issue that affects us all, whether we run a company or are just an employee. What is business ethics, and why docontinue reading

The Philosophy of Religion Part 2

The philosophy of religion deals with issues that are relevant to humans across cultures and beliefs. Two main themes, religious language and concepts of God, are at the center of this branch of philosophy. What do these two themes mean? Keep reading to find out. Religious Language The meaningfulness of religious language was dealt withcontinue reading

The Philosophy of Religion Part 1

The philosophy of religion is a discipline and branch of philosophy that deals with the study of religion’s nature and what it means. It’s an integral part of philosophy and covers many of the important issues around morality, human knowledge, and the nature of reality. Origins For Westerners, the philosophical interest in religion started withcontinue reading

Ethics and Its Definition

Ethics is an area that is relevant not just to students of philosophy, but for humans making difficult decisions in their lives. It applies in typical situations such as a footballer deciding if his behavior during a match will be moral or not. Ethical dilemmas arise often. But what is ethics? This article will explain.continue reading