Ayn Rand Advocated for a Free Man

Ayn Rand Advocated for a Free Man

People consider her to be a well-known influential woman. The Russian-born author and philosopher Ayn Rand is the most radical proponent of capitalism. Hardly anyone before her was able to shape the conservative America the same way her novels, lectures, writings, speeches, and instructions did. Her first work, Atlas Shrugged, is the Bible for allcontinue reading

Quotes from the Great Greek Philosophers

Heraclitus “Everything flows, and nothing abides, everything gives away, and nothing stays fixed.” In short, change is inevitable. It is always worth remembering that change will always arrive eventually, humans are by nature habitual creates and as such many of us struggle to come to terms with things as they shift. Heraclitus’s quote is acontinue reading

Socrates – It’s All Greek To Me!

I have no doubt that you have at some point in your life heard of Socrates, one of Ancient Greece’s most famous philosophers. He was an interesting man that questioned almost everything around him, becoming a man that was both highly thought of and well despised in his time. It is in fact he thatcontinue reading

Bodhidharma – Founder of the Zen Philosophy

The Eccentric Man That Brought Zen to China Buddhism is steeped in eccentricity; the philosophy practically demands it. Throughout the history of the religion though no Zen master was likely more intriguing than the founder of Zen himself, Bodhidharma. Born in India, supposedly in the Kanchipuram city, he was a son of the of thecontinue reading

How Modern Western Philosophy Has Failed Millennials

It seems that as the years pass depression becomes more and more prevalent in western society. On the surface it may seem understandable, society is split between extreme left and right views, costs forever rise, jobs are harder to get and we’re told that crime and terror attacks lurk behind every street corner. But arecontinue reading

Famous Quotes and What They Mean

“I think therefore I am” Author: René Descartes Descartes began philosophising by using the method of doubting everything he approached, this theoretically would help him to figure out what he could know with a complete certainty. He surmised that he could actually be wrong about what exactly he was thinking, though he was sure thatcontinue reading

Ethics in business – Does it exist?

Getting new clients – and keeping them Market economy is often equal to a jungle where jungle laws run, and ruthless and wild animals fight for the pray. Using this metaphor has little similarity to reality. Without rules and people with strong integrity things wouldn´t work. A lot of what is in a market economycontinue reading

Ethics and morals

Background Man is an animal and has in all times looked to its equals. A house grows into a little village, a village grows into a town and a town grows in to a city. To gather people in larger surroundings can lead to problems in the long run. On that note man needs lawscontinue reading

The Stupid Deaths of Greek Philosophers

Heraclitus Death Date: 480 BCE Tired of civilisation, Heraclitus decided to live in the mountains away from people. Whilst up there he lived on limited diet of grass and herbs, naturally this led to becoming malnutrition, eventually giving him an illness known as dropsy. He returned to the city in order to cure himself, hecontinue reading