Ayn Rand Advocated for a Free Man

People consider her to be a well-known influential woman. The Russian-born author and philosopher Ayn Rand is the most radical proponent of capitalism. Hardly anyone before her was able to shape the conservative America the same way her novels, lectures, writings, speeches, and instructions did. Her first work, Atlas Shrugged, is the Bible for all those people who believe in the power of human action and progress. Ayb Rand only formulated her philosophy in her lectures and articles. The complete collection of her ideas has never appeared in the format of books while she was alive. Her philosophy is called objectivism.

The Title Says It All

Ayn Rand trusts the effectiveness of logical reasoning and strictly rejects feelings when she is dealing with facts. On the other hand, she sees it as the cause of the collapsing and damaged Western society. In her opinion, everything is drifting more and more towards a totalitarian regime. Her fear was not entirely unfounded as Rand originally came from the Soviet Union. She fled the reprisals of communism to be able to realize herself in the USA.

The theory of objectivism rejects the belief in supernatural powers but believes in objective reality. It exists regardless of how we represent the reality because man has his intellect and the reason resulting from it. It is only suitable for recognizing the facts of our existence. Nature has endowed man with the logical thinking to acknowledge real life. Therefore, the theory of objectivism sees itself in stark contradiction to mysticism and skepticism.

Selfishness Over Altruism

The ethics of objectivism praises the self-interest of the individual. It is in contrast to the traditional moral system. However, Rand defines selfishness as something positive. After all, not only those affected benefit from it but also the environment. If self-interest is understood correctly, ethical approaches and altruism become the most profound immorality. According to Ayn Rand, egoism means seeing one’s existence as an end in itself. After all, the highest values are your own life and happiness. People should not follow the scale of others’ interests. The philosopher also defines personal responsibility. The aim of every person is to take full liability to maintain and promote their own life, as well as, to not blame other people for any bad things or misfortunes.

Selfishness Over Altruism
Selfishness Over Altruism

Only we can determine which values make our life worth living. We are born mortal and sinful but we acquire our characters through our choices and actions. Rand saw liberal capitalism as the only political system to achieve the ideals. In her opinion, governments should limit themselves to protecting people’s freedom. Property rights and freedom of contract would do the rest. Those who have free will use their time and money in such a way that they serve themselves and those around them. Free trade would be of mutual benefit to all concerned. Ayn Rand always took her view upright and assertively. That is how she became an icon for market believers all over the world.